Wednesday, March 18, 2009

---I Have Gas------

I am a simple person. I went to the local mini mart to fill my gas tank and get a gallon of milk. I filled my tank and went into the mart to get the milk and pay for the gas. A man was at the counter a head of me. I heard the clerk ask him if the gas was his. The man said he didn't get gas and being the honest person that I am and not wanting a person to be eyed suspiciously on my account I speak up and say a bit too loudly " I have gas". The store gets quiet. Every eye is on me. My face turns bright red and I say a bit sheepishly " literally,I have gas and milk, sir." I hear a few giggles. I pay for the gas and milk and walk out vowing to go to a different mini mart next time I need gas and milk.