Tuesday, July 15, 2008


See, she's ignoring me. She gave me the "Stink eye" earlier. See...she won't even look at me now.

I Love Sponge Bob

I don't know if it makes me a tacky person but I've been watching Sponge Bob with Kacey for 2 yrs now and I think the show is hiliarious. So there..I have admitted my secret guilty pleasure to the 4 of you who are my blogging buddies.

I am pretty lame at blogging and I really wasn't finished with my last posting so I will try to finish it up now.

We don't have any new updates on Hillary's health problem. She had labs taken after she returned home from vacation but doesn't have the results yet. She will have more MRIs and a lumbar puncture before she is given a definitive diagnosis. So it may be a couple of more weeks before we know anything new.

I took my little doggie to the Veterinarian yesterday to have her spayed. She is 4 days shy of being 6 months old. Since I brought her home she keeps giving me looks of accusation and I think I saw a glint of "I'll get you for this!" when I looked her in the eye today. She will probably chew the legs off of my newly inherited great-grandmother's Victrola and keep me from my anticipated appearance on the "Antiques Roadshow". I took a picture of her and will try to down load it later and post it to this blog.

I am now going to try to post some more pictures of Hillary,Frank, and Darby's visit here but don't get your hopes up (you four pals, you). I am not as proficient as the rest of you with your movies, slideshows, quotes, etc.

Live...From...New York...It's The Parmenter Family!!!

We had a wonderful visit with the Hillary, Franklin, and Darby Danae!!The time with them flew by in the blink of an eye! No week has ever gone faster in the history of mankind. Darby was a delight. She is fearless and came to me straight from the airplane and even entrusted her dearest possession to my care (her baby doll she named "Mama"). She then proceeded to hop down and try to take a ride on the conveyor belt with the suitcases. This 23 month old darling has no fear and is a very daring. While we sat on our boring duffs she spent the visit amazing us with all her wild carefree feats daring. She jumped,climbed,leaped,plunged,dove,flew, and raced through all sorts of scary adventures. She threw caution to the wind and had the time of her life. With water wings in place she would just run and dive into our pool not knowing or caring if any one was there to catch her. I shudder to think what she would have done without those water wings. The Parmenters are safely back home and we sit on our boring duffs awaiting the next visit of our super hero "Baby Knievel" and her beloved parents.

Darby and Kacey got along very well. Kacey was so loving and kind and shared all her toys with her little cousin and was so happy to have her here for a visit. Darby loved our puppy, Sophie. She chased her all around the house, layed on her, kissed her and just really enjoyed having a puppy to play with. Seeing Sophie turn tail and run upon spotting her was very fun to watch. I was very happy the pup never snapped at her or growled or did any thing bad to her because I would have hated to have to put her down:). Hillary was less in love with Sophie due to mini tootsie rolls and lemonade on occassion :). I don't fault Hillary. She is a wonderful mom and just wants to keep her baby from eating tootsie rolls and other uncommon things left behind by Pup Pup. Puppy was happy to share her toys with Darby (aka Baby K; for short).Hill appreciates sharing