Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh Vacation , Vacation...wherefore art thou oh Vacation

I am home and in a funk. I had such a wonderful vacation I just want to live in that mode forever. I loved seeing and being with my kids , grand baby, my two beautiful daughters-in-love and my sister. It just came and went "as if in a dream" to borrow a phrase from The Book of Mormon and Dustin. I forgot how much I loved California. It was much dryer than I remembered. I guess after living in Georgia and New York for 18 years any other place in the USA would seem brownish.I forgot about the abundance of Eucalyptus trees, the sandy beaches, the hilly, rocky landscapes. I forgot how much I enjoy being with Kellie,my little sister, and her sweet husband and children.
I loved every moment until we had to say good-bye. I so dearly wish we could all live closer to each other...physically as well as emotionally,spiritually.
I did miss my dear husband and Aramie,Aaron, and Kacey. The only thing that would have made the vacation better was if they and my sister, Susan could have been there. Otherwise it was a perfect vacation. One of the best I've ever had. Thank you Dustin and Jess for orchestrating the whole thing and thank you to all of my children for the sacrafices they made to be there.
I thank Aramie and Bob for taking care of my little doggy while I was away.
Haley pretty much filled you in on all the details and most of the pictures I have she has so I will try to post different ones. One thing I did that they did not do is go to the town I grew up in (Fallbrook) and look around at all the changes and see familiar land marks, our old house, and homes that my dad and Bob built together.It was nice to do that and spend the afternoon with my sister, Kellie.