Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Spring, Ya'll!!!

I have the day off today and so since it is springtime I am going to fill my day with lots of cleaning? Well, considering it is already past noon perhaps I will get a medium amount of cleaning done. My better half is out side cutting up 5 trees that he cut down on Saturday. We had a couple of pine trees that died the previous winter that needed to be cut down and he just kept on going. We have a little more than an acre of land here and the left side of the house (as you face the house) was bordered with several tall pine trees. I was sad that he cut the others down. He said he wants to plant fruit trees there. Those pine trees kept the unattractive view of the neighbors animal farm??some what blocked from our view. Now, thanks to Bob, we have a perfectly clear view of an unkempt farm??yard with more than 15 mini donkeys,2 llamas, sheep, 1 alpaca, and all their poo! Now ,I know what you are thinking. Mini donkeys!How cute!!How could she be so hateful. Let me tell you. They are cute to look at but to hear their braying at night is not cute. It sounds like someone is being beaten all night long. Even Bob,who is very hard of hearing, can't sleep with that noise. Also, have you ever heard a Llama or alpaca make noise? It is a very otherworldly sound that sound so scary.
Well, now that I have put my usual depressing spin on things, Happy Spring. Our tulips have started coming up and I look forward to their blooming soon.
enjoy your day. I'll be shampooing my carpet.